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Amazing Trading Results

Our App has helped thousands of users succeed in the volatile world of cryptocurrency. And the best part is you don’t need a huge investment to start. Bitcoin Dynamit Trader can help you turn a small investment into a fortune. So why wait? Start trading with Bitcoin Dynamit App and join the ranks of satisfied users who have built wealth through bitcoin volatility trading.


Free and Fast Withdrawals

You will retain most of the profits earned through our tools. Also, you should be able to access your money when needed. Up to 15 withdrawals per month are free. Any subsequent withdrawal request attracts a 1% fee. Even better, we process all withdrawals through verified methods within a few hours.


Highly Intuitive Mobile App

Looking to trade on the go? No problem! Bitcoin Dynamit App is available on your android, iOS or Windows smartphone. Simply download the app using the link provided after you register. And if you’re a fan of native apps, good news – We will be launching one in the near future. You’ll be able to find it on both Google Play and Apple Store.


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Superior News Trading Algorithm

We are one of the leading platforms for news trading. Thanks to our advanced algorithms, we can instantly capture and trade on breaking news and market-moving sentiments. We are mostly ahead of the markets, which makes us the best bet for news trading. And when it comes to crypto trading, news can be especially lucrative – after all, much of the market’s volatility is driven by news and events.


Advanced Price Trend Analysis Algorithm

Bitcoin Dynamit App excels at studying historical price patterns to make predictions about future prices. This technique, known as price trend analysis, is based on the idea that price behaviour follows certain patterns. By using this method, you can make informed decisions about your trades and potentially increase your chances of success.


Powerful Statistical Arbitrage Trading

Statistical Arbitrage is a technique that’s based on the idea of inefficient markets, where asset prices can vary depending on the information available. Bitcoin Dynamit App uses this technique to its advantage by placing large orders for crypto in underpriced markets and selling in overpriced markets. It’s a smart way to potentially profit from market inefficiencies and make the most of your trades.


The Crypto Markets are Warming up for a Rebound and a Boom! Bitcoin Dynamit App helps you ride the Rollercoaster like a pro!

Bitcoin is known for its wild price fluctuations. It can gain or plummet by thousands of dollars in a day. That’s just part of the game when trading this digital currency. Over a hundred major bitcoin booms and busts have been witnessed since its launch in 2009.

The huge volatility makes crypto undesirable for long-term investors. However, day traders have a lot to gain from the price swings. The best price swing traders can profit from both the rise and the fall.

Experienced volatility traders have made a killing in the recent post-covid19 crypto plummet. Most have capitalised on the price swings through advanced CFDs trading. Bitcoin trading through CFDs can be super lucrative.

Our App provides the resources to help you trade this market successfully. We link to powerful systems such as the cTrader and the MT4 in the background. This means that our tools are developed to work through these powerful systems.

The MT4 is easily customisable to meet specific client’s needs. It is also developed to integrate with other trading software. Our AI-based tools are integrated into this system to help you perform accurate trading research.

Bitcoin Dynamit App helps you build accurate trading signals fast. No other trading platform can help you build HFT signals within a minute. Also, only a few competitors have managed to secure partnerships with industry-leading brokers. Our App is supported by internationally acclaimed crypto CFDs brokers.

The Crypto Industry is headed for a massive boom in 2023! Bitcoin Dynamit helps you trade the market cycles like an expert!

It’s an exciting time to be in the crypto industry! With mainstream adoption reaching new heights and governments and corporations jumping on board, the sky is the limit for this fast-growing industry. It’s definitely an interesting time to be part of the crypto community.

From China and Japan to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Ukraine, India, and the US, many governments are getting in on the action. Some are even working on creating central-bank-backed digital currencies. Just the other day, El Salvador became the first country to accept Bitcoin as a legal tender, and this is just the beginning.

As mainstream adoption continues to grow, we could be on the verge of a huge rally unlike anything we’ve seen before. If you’re thinking of investing in bitcoin, now is the time to act. By jumping in today, you’ll have the opportunity to trade successfully in the coming months.

Bitcoin took a bit of a hit recently due to the postcovid19 recession and the stablecoin and FTX crises. But don’t let that scare you off – this could actually be a great time to invest. Many experts predict that bitcoin could reach $100,000 by early next year.

If you’re looking for an easy way to trade from the dip, you’re in luck – Bitcoin Dynamit has got you covered. We offer all the tools you need to bet on crypto CFDs like a pro. Our tools are AI-based and well-equipped to trade the bull and the bear markets.

Our App has a strong following in the UK, where it was established. But even if you’re not in the UK, you can still get in on the action. We are available in over 150 countries, so no matter where you are, you can access their powerful trading system.


Bitcoin Trading is the most popular online money-making option in 2023 – Trade its volatility from the comfort of your home!

To truly understand Bitcoin and its origins, we must go back in time and examine the events that led to its creation. One of the most significant factors was the global financial crisis of 2008, which highlighted the risks of relying on financial intermediaries – third-party firms that act as a go-between for lenders and borrowers by holding funds on behalf of the former and disbursing them to the latter. This crisis sparked a desire for a new financial system that would be more decentralised and secure, and thus, Bitcoin was born. 

Financial intermediaries can take many forms – banks, unit-trust companies, and building societies are just a few examples. However, it was the actions of banks and mortgage companies that played a significant role in causing the global financial crisis of 2008. They were issuing mortgages to individuals who didn’t meet the necessary qualifications and then using complex financial derivatives to pass on the risk throughout the system.

It was this irresponsible behaviour that ultimately led to the crisis, and it sparked a need for a more secure and decentralised financial system. It’s not just financial intermediaries that contributed to the global financial crisis of 2008 – the US government also played a role through its ineffective policies.

According to expert reports, interventions by the Federal Reserve only worsened the crisis. The ineffectiveness of this centralised government body has continued to receive blame for the mini-recessions that have occurred since the crisis. In fact, analysts predict that the failure of financial intermediaries – including governments – will continue to put the world at risk of major financial recessions. It’s a sobering thought but one that highlights the need for alternative financial systems like Bitcoin.

But bitcoin is best known as a tradable asset rather than a unit of account or store of value. This is because its insane volatility makes a bad case for a store of value. Bitcoin Dynamit comes with tools for advanced volatility trading.

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